Thursday, 31 January 2013


NARS Torrid - £21
Torrid is described as a 'warm coral with golden shimmer' which I find is very accurate as that is what I would instantly describe it as being (however it is on the pinkier side of coral)! I have ummed and aahed over getting a NARS blusher for so long as they are rather on the pricy side however I thought to myself ‘I have wanted a NARS blusher for so long so I may as well’ and here we are!


Every blogger and their mum has raved about these blushers, and I must admit I see why there is so much hype around these blushers. This is honestly the one of the best blushers I have ever tried as it is so unbelievably pigmented that you only need to dab your brush in and there's enough (don't go swirling your brush in it as you will end up like a clown!).
This blush is very versatile and can be used for both everyday and more formal occasions and would definitely suit most skin types, the shimmer is very subtle but still noticeable especially under bright light where it gives your cheeks a warm glow. I have been wearing this since the day I got it and I love it! If you are looking into getting a NARS blusher I would definitely recommend this one as it gives your cheeks a beautiful natural glow!
What is your favourite blusher? NARS or not, let me know!

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