Monday, 4 February 2013


Recently, I was early for a train to visit le boyf. This oh so obviously led to a trip into the huge boots in my town. I had been toying with the idea of purchasing Effaclar Duo, as it has been raved about across the blogosphere. I caved. But all is not lost! At my local boots, they had a deal on all the La Roche-Posay Effaclar line, which involved buying two products for only £15. How could I say no! This meant that I simply had to purchase something else, and I settled on the Lotion Astringent Micro-Exfoliant.


Effaclar Duo - £13

Astringent - £11

I suffer from a lot of hyperpigmentation after I get an outbreak of dreaded spots, and so I really wanted to try the Effaclar Duo to see whether it would help. I am pleased to report that this is truly worth the hype, and I might even consider it a Holy Grail product! It glides on so smoothly onto the skin, and you only need a small blob to cover the entire face. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth and even after only using it for just over a fortnight, it has already improved the state of my skin dramatically! As well as this, it smells delightfully of roses, which i personally love. All I can say about this is that if you are on the fence about this purchase, jump straight off and run to Boots now!

The Astringent claims to “unblock and reduce the appearance of pore size.” I have to admit, I haven’t consciously noticed a difference in the state of my pores, but I haven’t really been paying too much attention to be honest. When applied as a toner, it feels refreshing and cooling and also has the same lovely scent of roses. Again, hardly any product is needed to cover the face, making both these products fantastic value for money.  But I am still not sure about this product. Occasionally, it has left my face stinging after use, and I would therefore not recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin, or who has severe acne. However, for someone who gets the occasional breakout, I would say to give this product a go! I do recommend not to use it every day, morning and night, though as it contains an exfoliant LHA, which may not be so good for your skin if over used!


  1. I got both of these but they really didn't work for me! Great review though!

    I'm new to your blog - I really like your layout!

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    Looking forward to your future posts :)



  2. Thanks for the review, I saw some La Roche-Posay products a few months ago and was contemplating on whether to try them or not!