Tuesday, 12 March 2013


First of all I'd like to thank What Would Audrey Wear for nominating us for the Liebster award! If your unfamiliar to the Liebster award basically it involves a lot of elevens. This award is given to people with under 200 followers, you have to give 11 random facts about yourself as well as answering 11 questions that the person who nominated you asked and then create 11 new questions for the 11 bloggers you will nominate. Told you it was a lot of elevens...

Because there is two of us we decided to split the post into two so that this post didn't go on for years! So we decided that Anya would answer the 11 random facts and Ella would answer the 11 questions! 
So here we go...

11 Random Facts
1. We have a cat called Jasper, he is absolutely adorable and I'm sure everyone would agree that he loves me the most!

2. I am quite picky with food which can get quite annoying for whoever is cooking me supper!

3. I love to sing and I go around Liverpool doing gigs with my two best friends who I also backing sing for.

4. I'm going to see Beyonce in May and I cannot contain my excitement!

5. We all have (meaning me, Ella and our brother) 4 years between us.

6. I'm going on a music tour to Italy with my school in July.

7. I am in year 11 doing my GCSE's and Ella is in her 2nd year of Uni.

8. Our house is the coldest house in the world and I am permanently under some kind of blanket.

9. I have never been to Disneyland.

10. My favourite film when I was younger was Aladdin and I always wanted to be Jasmine (I even had her outfit).

11. I may be a bit too obsessed with make-up meaning that if I get money it is most likely that I will spend it all on make-up, but I may as well!

11 questions

1. Why you began blogging
The reason I began blogging was a new years resolution! I have read blogs for such a long time, I decided it was about time I stopped being so lazy and went about doing it for myself! I've always wanted to but I decided that 2013 is the year I do all the things I wish I had before.

2. Favourite thing you've ever worn
Hmm.. I'm not sure about this one! I think I would have to go with the dress I wore for prom, which was so gorgeous! I am just dying for another opportunity to wear it, but it is a very dressy outfit! 

3. 3 goals you want to achieve this year
Fairly basic ones unfortunately, 1) drink more water! 2) blog, blog, blog! and finally 3) I want to take some major steps in getting experience for my future career

4. Favourite Disney character
Oh god how can I choose? Disney Princess would be Belle. Can i pick an animal? Because in that case it is definitely Ray from Princess and the Frog! 

5. Best thing that's ever happened to you
Oh god, I don't know! 

6. Item that's top of your wishlist right now
I've just watched about 5 mac lipstick youtube videos, and right now all I want is Mac Girl About Town amongst so many others

7. Favourite place in the world
Liverpoooooool. There is no city like my hometown! 

8. Comfort food
Doritos and Guac without a doubt

9. Where/how you met your best friend
We went to the same primary school and that was that!

10. What inspires your style
Tumblr! There is so much inspiration on tumblr if you look for it! 

11. Beauty product you can't live without
Foundation, any foundation. One of these days I will have skin like Anyas... 

11 questions for our nominees 
1. What is your favourite brand(make-up or clothes)?
2. Who is your favourite blogger?
3. What has been your favourite holiday?
4. What is your favourite food?
5. What is your favourite season?
6. What is your favourite film?
7. What is your favourite childhood memory?
8. What would be your dream job?
9. What is your favourite animal?
10. Who is your favourite band/artist?
11. What is your holy grail make-up product?

Our 11 nominees


  1. Thanks so much for the nom! Love this post! My dad is from Liverpool! He hasn't been in many many years though. I would LOVE to visit the UK as I've never been and so much of my family history is based there. <3

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    You have a great blog..:)
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